Kids or Kittens

One of the great things about having Taylor in my life is that he came into the relationship with a bunch of awesome friends. So during the last 8 years I have been getting to hang out with the most wonderful people, and slowly they stopped being ‘Taylor’s friends’ and started being ‘our friends’.

But everybody in this group of friends is, to one degree or another, older than me. And I guess that is why most of them have entered what seems to be Read more

Married Life – Comic 3

I think it was my mom that used to tell me that we choose our friends and partners based on the things that we need to learn about ourselves. The idea is that you are always with the right people for a specific moment in life. Even that awful high school boyfriend that everybody seems to have had, was, according to my mother, a necessary evil.
During my life I have used this idea to justify Read more

Married Life – Comic 2

Today is the big day! A whole year of being a wife and I think I am rocking it. Yeah, Taylor is pretty good at this too.

Here is a new comic to celebrate!

So here is the truth about yesterday’s comic: Taylor doesn’t really snore. He snores some, but not like the people in the TV advertisements for sleep-solutions. After my comic he was worried that people would think that he was a true snorer, one of those Read more

When I became a wife.

I left Argentina for the first time on September of 2007. By the time I came back, 19 months later, both of my parents had changed houses, downsizing to places without a room for me. My mom went so far as to give all the clothes I had left behind to a charity. My sister was dating a new guy and studying for a different major than when I left, and my brother was 2ft taller than the last time I had seen him. So I learned the hard way that Read more

The coati that ate trash

I was with my sister Agus waiting for the train at the Devil’s Throat (La Garganta del Diablo), in the Iguazu National Park. Like most Argentine trains, it was running late, so some of the people waiting for the train got bored and started to eat.

The park is full of coatis, a cute diurnal animal from the racoon family, that just like raccoons, likes to eat human trash and can transmit rabies. And when Read more